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About the Owner

Laura Green has always had a compassion for helping others. When no one would help her during her challenging time of family court, instead of giving up, she researched and read as much as she could. Today she is taking that knowledge along with her passion of helping others and putting them together.

Mrs. Green has an understanding of how divorce, separation, child custody and visitation can be an emotional conflict for all parties including the children. Going to court can be a long, costly and emotional process and Laura has first hand knowledge at the process that's why she wants to help others make the process go a lot easier than what she had to go through.


One day after a court proceeding with a relative going through a custody case, and their lawyer, Mrs. Green was asked to mediate for a case. When she informed the lawyer she had no training, the lawyer was surprised at her vast knowledge of the court system and her communication skills and suggested she look into becoming certified. By the end of the month, Mrs. Green was certified. 

Although Mrs. Green specializes in family cases, she is knowledgeable and able to help in a multitude of topics including but not limited to; civil rights, lgbtiqa+, discrimination, disability and copyright. 


Mrs. Green has obtained her mediation certification through The Center of Alternative Dispute Resolution. She received her communication certificate at Full Sail University and is currently working to finish her BA in psychology. 


Mrs. Green has volunteered with numerous LGBT non-profits, the human rights campaign and habitat for humanity. She is also a certified foster parent as well as a certified CASA (court appointed special advocate) worker (although not currently taking any cases). In addition, she is a member of toastmasters international

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