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Benefits of Mediation

Saves time 

     Court cases can be prolonged for a number of reasons. Mediation can be planned sooner than a court date and you can come to an agreement without the costs of constantly going to court.


Saves  money

     When compared to going to trial, litigation or other forms of legal dispute, mediation costs are less.

Faster outcome

     Mediation can be used early in a dispute, find a mutual agreement  faster than if pursuing through the courts


     Mediators will not disclose any information revealed during the mediation. If needed there will private meeting will be held with each party individually so that the mediator can best assist a mutual agreement.

Preservation of relationship

     Mediation helps participants focus on effectively communicating with each other as opposed to attacking each other.


     Mediation is arranged to take place in a neutral environment for all involved parties. There is often a main room and at least one other room where a caucus can take place.


     You do not need to have or hire an attorney to participate in mediation. 


 Mediation is a neutral option where either or both party's can leave at anytime

Personal empowerment

     Mediation helps to guide each party to a mutual agreement where each individual uses their own words to negotiate a mutual resolution.

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